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Spotlight on Mantas

So Mantas, tell us about your journey into programming and how you got started?

Picture a curious 12-year-old kid hunched over an ancient computer, eagerly typing lines of code into Notepad. That was me, discovering the world of programming. My first few lines weren't anything groundbreaking — more like clumsy attempts at creating digital doodles. But in those messy lines of code I discovered a way to make something out of nothing and that was very exciting! 

As the years rolled by, those early attempts evolved into mini tools and quirky applications. Whether it was a simple scheduler or a calculator that did more than just crunch numbers, each creation fueled my passion and revealed the sheer potential of programming. 

What’s the most enjoyable aspect of programming for you? 

I really enjoy the brain-teasing aspects of programming — those head-scratching moments when I'm faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem. It's like solving a complex puzzle, and the 'aha' moment that follows is really rewarding! 

Is there a new technology or web trend that excites you? 

Throughout my programming journey, I have always made room for automation and IoT devices. I enjoy creating small robots to solve problems. Recently, I built an automated greenhouse and bee nest monitoring system – a buzzing experience! 

Have there been any specific highlights of your first few months at Rolley? 

I’ve really enjoyed my time with Rolley so far and have received a warm welcome into the team. A key highlight for me was having the opportunity to build a project from scratch and build up my knowledge of the real-time 3D engine, Babylonjs. Through this journey at Rolley, I've enhanced my coding skills and learned a few tricks that spark my motivation and love for programming. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

When I’m not programming, I really enjoy taking time out to travel, immersing myself in diverse cultures, tasting exotic cuisines, and embracing the beauty of different landscapes. I also love to snowboard!

And finally, the most important question we ask everyone here at Rolley. What’s your favorite biscuit? 

I absolutely love ginger biscuits! They add a burst of spicy-sweet goodness to my tea time. It's a match made in heaven!

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